Republican Sen. Cory Gardner of Colorado said Thursday he would block all of President Trump's judicial nominees until the administration reverses its decision to rescind a policy that de-prioritized the enforcement of federal marijuana laws.

Gardner, whose home state legalized the use and possession of marijuana in the wake of that federal policy, said on the Senate floor he was not happy with the surprise decision, especially after both Attorney General Jeff Sessions and candidate Donald Trump said they would not interfere with states on this issue.

"And that's why I will be putting today a hold on every single nomination from the Department of Justice until Attorney General Jeff Sessions lives up to the commitment that he made to me in my pre-confirmation meeting with him," Gardner said.

"Until he lives up to that commitment, I will be holding all nominations to the Department of Justice," he said. "The people of Colorado deserve answers."

Gardner was visibly angry on the floor and said that both Sessions and Trump vowed to respect states' rights on the issue of marijuana in 2016.

"That was then-candidate Trump's position," he said. "I would like to know from the Attorney General, what has changed?"

"I believe what happened today was trampling of Colorado's rights, its voters," Gardner added.

Sessions on Thursday rescinded the so-called Cole memorandum, which deprioritized federal marijuana laws and was seen as a move that allowed some states to legalize the drug.