The Alexandria Circuit Court on Friday dismissed a case challenging the legality of the city's waterfront development plan, which claimed that the city council's proposed revamping of the waterfront constituted "illegal spot zoning."

The court dismissed the complaint "finding that the record of proceedings leading up to the approval of the plan made it clear as a matter of law that the Council had considered and weighed all of the issues that the plaintiffs claimed were not considered," according to a statement from the city.

The case was the only one filed against the waterfront plan that contested the substance of the plan itself. Residents said they object to the council's plan to redevelop the iconic waterfront because it allows too much commercial development. Council said that development is needed to financially support the waterfront and city.

Several court actions have been filed over the waterfront development plan, but Deputy City Attorney Chris Spera said the lawsuit dismissed by the court Friday was one in which "the city stood to lose the most." It was filed by Michael Peck and Elizabeth Baldwin, who could appeal the decision to the Virginia Supreme Court.

Had the city lost, it would have had to start from scratch with its plan.