A crate containing a painting of a pink-haired Hillary Clinton caused police to shut down a tent at a downtown Miami art fair Saturday.

Nick Korniloff, the director of Art Miami, said two security dogs were set off by a crate while conducting a security check before the fair opened to the public Saturday morning, according to the Miami Herald.

Staff and attendees were prevented from entering the tent, and police closed off a section of the road around Art Miami while the crate was further inspected.

A search of the package, however, only turned up a painting of Hillary Clinton, titled "Punk Hillary," wearing a purple and pink jacket, and sporting a pink hair-do.

“We had to err on the side of caution,” Korniloff said.

The tent at Art Miami was shut down for a few hours.

A similar painting of President Trump, titled "Trump Pimp," had been removed from the crate before the security check, the report said.