Whether guests like their drinks on the rocks, shaken or stirred, it is easy to create an instant bar that brings fun to the party as a great conversation-starter.

All that's needed is a surface, great bar ware and a tray, said Yvette Freeman, owner of the Foundry (foundrybyfreeman.com), a Parisian-style flea market on U Street. Freeman transformed a 1920s vintage ironing board into a bar.

"It's a great space saver. It's unexpected," Freeman said. "For folks that live in D.C., everything has to be dual purpose. So it can be an ironing board, and you can collapse it and put it away when your company leaves."

Vintage bar ware is a great choice for creating that bar atmosphere. "The glassware that was made in the 1930s and '40s has beautiful patterns, and you can mix and match," she said. "It's hardier, made sturdier and is dishwasher safe."

Freeman has used everything from console tables to medical carts as a bar. She often suggests night stands, "because everyone has at least one in the house."

"The scale is small enough for you to pull out in a living room or dining room," Freeman said. "With a really nice tray, a shaker and glass bucket, you can make a great bar really quickly. And when it's done, put it back as your nightstand."