On this day, Sept. 28, 1995, in Boston, a gunman opened fire on pop singer Bobby Brown's luxury car, missing the R&B artist but killing his childhood friend.

Brown was leaving a bar and getting into his $375,000 Bentley while Steven Sealey, 28, was in the passenger seat.

Sealey, Brown's bodyguard, was also engaged to Brown's sister.

The gunman shot Sealey several times in the head, then ripped a gold medallion from his neck. Brown, the soon-to-be ex-husband of Whitney Houston, ducked for cover under the steering wheel.

The shooter, John "Black" Tibbs, sentenced to 27 years in prison for Sealey's murder. Prosecutors said Tibbs shot Sealey as part of a drug war between gangs. Gang members were also jealous of Sealey's connection to Brown, who grew up in Roxbury.

-- Scott McCabe