On this day, Jan. 16, in 1936, a District of Columbia-born serial killer known as the "Brooklyn Vampire" was executed in New York.

Albert Fish grew up in a D.C. orphanage where he was frequently whipped and discovered that he enjoyed pain. He became fascinated by sadomasochism before moving to New York.

In 1928, Fish strangled 10-year-old Grace Budd and cannibalized her corpse. Six years later, he wrote Budd's mother describing the killing in detail. Investigators traced the letter to Fish, who confessed to killing five children.

X-Rays of Fish's pelvic region showed at least 29 needles had been inserted into his body.

On his way to the electric chair, Fish told the guards, "It will be the supreme thrill, the only one I haven't tried."

- Scott McCabe