On this day, Dec. 21, in 1954, Dr. Sam Sheppard was convicted of killing his pregnant wife, a decision that was later overturned and inspired a television series and movie.

Marilyn Sheppard was killed in the couple's Cleveland home on July 4, 1954. Sheppard claimed his wife was killed by a bushy-haired man who also attacked him and twice knocked him unconscious. Sheppard served 10 years in prison, only to be freed in a landmark Supreme Court ruling.

Sheppard was retried and acquitted. He battled alcohol addiction and appeared in professional wrestling matches as "Killer Sheppard." He died in 1970.

The Sheppard case is said to have been the inspiration for the 1960s TV show "The Fugitive" and the movie starring Harrison Ford.

-Scott McCabe