On this day, Jan. 10, in 1983, Mafia hit man Roy DeMeo, leader of a gang suspected of killing more than 150 people, was assassinated by his own Gambino crime family.

DeMeo perfected the "The Gemini Method" of execution, named for the Gemini Lounge in Brooklyn where the killings were carried out.

Typically, DeMeo approached the target with a silenced pistol in one hand and a towel in the other. After shooting the victim in the head, he'd use the towel to staunch the flow of blood.

Another person immediately would stab the victim in the heart to prevent the blood from pumping out of the bullet wound.

DeMeo, a former butcher's apprentice, also dismembered the bodies.

After the FBI began linking the killings to DeMeo and the Gambinos, crime bosses ordered DeMeo's death.

- Scott McCabe