On this day, Nov. 22, in 1994, Bennie Lee Lawson Jr. shot and killed a D.C. police sergeant and two FBI agents at D.C. police headquarters.
Lawson walked into the building at 300 Indiana Ave. NW intending to shoot a detective investigating him in a triple homicide. Instead, Lawson wound up in the cold case squad. He pulled out an assault pistol and opened fire.

FBI agent Martha Dixon Martinez managed to shoot Lawson, but he had shot her, too, and she dropped her weapon. He picked up her gun, fatally shot her in the head, and then turned the gun on himself.

Also killed were D.C. Sgt. Henry J. "Hank" Daly and FBI agent Mike Miller. Another agent, John Kuchta, was shot five times and survived.

The headquarters is now named after Daly.

- Scott McCabe