On this day, Dec. 7, in 1938, Anna Marie Hahn was executed in Ohio for poisoning and robbing elderly men and women in Cincinnati's German community to support her gambling habit.

Hahn offered her services as a live-in "nurse," despite a lack of training. After convincing the men to include her in their wills, she poisoned them and cashed in.

In 1937, Hahn and her son traveled to Colorado with her fourth victim, Georg Obendoerfer, who died in his hotel room.

Police grew suspicious when Hahn pretended not to know Obendoerfer, and they later found a high level of arsenic in him.

Exhumations of two other clients also revealed more arsenic.

After a sensational four-week trial, Hahn was convicted. She became the first woman executed in Ohio's electric chair.

- Scott McCabe