On this day, April 2, in 1992, flamboyant mob boss John Gotti was convicted of murder in a stunning blow to organized crime.

Dubbed the Dapper Don for his stylish appearance, or the Teflon Don because authorities had trouble making charges stick to him, Gotti rose through the ranks of the Gambino crime family and seized power in 1985 after having then-boss Paul Castellano killed outside a Manhattan steakhouse.

Gotti went down after the FBI taped him discussing several murders, including Castellano's.

The FBI also caught him denigrating right-hand man Salvatore "Sammy the Bull" Gravano, who later became a government witness and testified to committing 19 murders, 10 of them sanctioned by Gotti.

Gotti died of throat cancer in prison in 2002. He was 61.

- Scott McCabe