On this day, March 18, in 1980, a neighbor of Mafia leader John Gotti accidently ran over and killed a young son of the mobster in Queens, N.Y., a tragedy that would lead to the unlucky man's disappearance.

Investigators ruled the death of 12-year-old Frank Gotti an accident, but the driver John Favara, 51, was the target of numerous to death threats and taunts, including having "murderer" spray-painted across his car.

The boy's mother, Victoria Gotti, beat Favara with a baseball bat in his driveway. He did not press charges.

Favara vanished July 28, 1980.

Law enforcement officials believe Gotti's crew of hitmen cut Favara in two with a chain saw and dumped the remains in acid to avoid detection. They believe Favara was stuffed into a 55-gallon drum and then dumped into the ocean.

- Scott McCabe