On this day, May 20, in 1899, a New York City cab driver became the Þrst person to be stopped and jailed for speeding in the United States.

Jacob German, 26, a taxi cabdriver for the Electric Vehicle Co., was traveling along Manhattan's Lexington Avenue in what was called a horseless carriage. A policeman on a bicycle pulled German over and charged him with driving at the "breakneck speed" of 12 mph on Lexington Avenue in Manhattan.

In 1901, Connecticut passed the first U.S. state law regulating motor vehicles. It set a speed limit of 12 mph in cities and 15 mph outside. The law was not the Þrst U.S. speed limit, just the first for automobiles.

It's unclear what's the fasting speeding ticket since then. In 2004, Samuel Tilley, the son of a sheriff's deputy, was clocked going 205 mph on a motorcycle in Minnesota.

-- Scott McCabe