On this day, March 15, in 1982, actress Theresa Saldana was stalked and stabbed repeatedly by a crazed fan.

Arthur Richard Jackson had become obsessed with the actress, then best-known for her role as boxer Jake La Motta's sister-in-law in "Raging Bull." Jackson hired a private investigator and posed as director Martin Scorsese's assistant to find her West Hollywood apartment.

Jackson stabbed Saldana 10 times in the torso. The violent blows bent the knife blade before a delivery man rescued Saldana, who survived the attack.

Jackson was convicted and served more than 12 years for the knife attack and for later sending Saldana lengthy letters in which he wrote of his "divine mission" to kill her.

Jackson was extradited to England, where he was convicted of killing a man during a London bank robbery in 1966.

- Scott McCabe