On this day, July 15, in 1993, in South Florida, former high school chums stabbed and bludgeoned a bully to death in a sordid case that captured America's attention.

The motive was revenge and a woman wronged.

Bobby Kent and Marty Puccio, both 20, had been best friends since the second grade.

But Puccio grew tired of being pushed around by Kent, a handsome surfer and bodybuilder.

Puccio's 18-year-old girlfriend was angry because Kent had abused her friend when the two were dating.

The young adults asked Kent to join them at a rock quarry, where they stabbed him in the back, bashed his head and tossed his body into a rock quarry lake.

Puccio was sentenced to life in prison. The murder resulted in the best-selling true crime book and the 2001 movie "Bully," starring Brad Renfro.

-- Scott McCabe