In 2008, Governor Charlie Crist campaigned for Sen. John McCain and his running-mate Sarah Palin as the pursued the presidency.

When asked on CNN about Palin’s ability to serve as president, Crist suggested that she was "most qualified" of the four because of her executive experience.

“I think she’d do a great job,” Crist said. “Realize that she really is the only executive that’s running, the only one that has been the head of a government in Alaska, she’s held an exeutive position as a mayor, an executive position as a governor, made those kinds of decisions.”

“Hey I think she’s ready,” Crist concluded.

Crist also explained on Larry King that he was "impressed" by McCain's "independent streak" and "Maverick style" that caused him to choose Palin, praising Palin as "very effective" "very articulate" and "very bright."

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