Activist and MSNBC host Al Sharpton, who has become the face of protests in Ferguson, Mo., is being mocked in a new video from a conservative media watchdog targeting the leftward tilt of MSNBC.

In part two of their #LeanOver campaign, the Media Research Center pulled together several embarrassing clips of Sharpton ranting on issues such as racism and criticism of President Obama.

“This election isn’t just about Obama, it’s about your momma,” he says in one clip.

MRC’s campaign is a parody of MSNBC’s “Lean Forward” campaign, which the group renames it “Lean Over.” It has its own hashtag on Twitter: #LeanOver. They previewed the new video to Secrets in advance of its release on Tuesday.

Sharpton on Monday gave a eulogy at the funeral of Michael Brown, the unarmed African-American killed by a Ferguson, Mo., policeman.

“Sharpton doesn't see tragedies like Ferguson as the rest of us do. He sees them as opportunities to rise from relative obscurity at MSNBC and once again get a piece of the national spotlight,” said Scooter Schaefer, director of MRC Social Media.

“In the past few weeks we've seen Al Sharpton swoop in on yet another tragedy to stoke the flames of racial animosity in Ferguson, Mo.," Schaefer told Secrets. “His attention-grabbing racially divisive rhetoric is designed to bring attention to himself and to maintain his phony status as a ‘civil rights’ leader in America. Our parody, while lighthearted, exposes Al Sharpton's nasty racial rhetoric,” he added.

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