After failing to convince venture capitalists to fund Pebble, the Palo Alto start-up looked for $100,000 in seed money from the crowd funding platform Kickstarter. They got $10.3 million. (Feb. 28)


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Palo Alto, California - February 27, 2013

1) Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky works at desktop

2) newspaper about Pebble on his desk

3) SOUNDBITE (English): Eric Migicovsky - Founder & CEO, Pebble Technology

"The natural progression is to move on and raise venture capital financing. We were unable to do so while we had our next product design. We had the idea and architecture all laid out. We knew that we really wanted to get it to market. We knew that we had to build it. (In April 2012, we turned to a website called Kickstarter which is a crowd funding platform where people can post projects that they're working on and solicit donations in return for rewards from the greater public. We ended up raising 10 million dollars over the span of 30 days on the website. It was the most successful Kickstarter campaign ever.)"

4) Migicovsky looks at Kickstarter website

5) more than 10 million dollars raised

6) Pebble demo - reading text messages from phone on smart watch

7) Pebble smart watch in its box

8) bluetooth instructions in box

9) box different angle

10) SOUNDBITE (English): Eric Migicovsky - Founder & CEO, Pebble Technology

"Pebble is a watch that talks to your smartphone. If you have an iPhone or Android smartphone, you can connect Pebble by bluetooth to your phone. Whenever you get a new email, text message or call, Pebble vibrates and displays the key portion of that message, maybe the subject and a couple lines of the email on screen. It means you don't always have to take out your phone when you're running around or if you get a message in a meeting or when you're in class. (It also means you can control some aspects of your phone from your watch. In particular, you can actually control music from your watch. So if you're going for a run or sitting on the subway or something like that, instead of having to pull your phone out to change tracks and see what the next track is, you can actually just see it on your watch.)"

11) Pebble demo - different downloadable clock faces

12) rack focus from watch in box to watch on table

13) SOUNDBITE (English): Eric Migicovsky - Founder & CEO, Pebble Technology

"It doesn't replace your smartphone. It's not one of those Dick Tracy watches or anything like that. Pebble is an accessory to your smartphone so you need to have one somewhere on your body. So the people that don't wear watches right now but have smartphones are prime candidates for Pebble because it expands the functionality of the wrist and brings the content that you see on your phone visably out onto your wrist."

14) Migicovsky scrolls through Pebble website

15) Pebble website close

16) Pebble demo - controlling music from phone with watch

17) SOUNDBITE (English): Eric Migicovsky - Founder & CEO, Pebble Technology

" We've shipped over 14 thousand watches so far. We've manufactured close to 30 thousand Pebbles in our factory. It's going well. I think the response has been very public and very clear. People are finding different ways of using Pebble in their life. It's exciting for us because we've working on this for about 10 months now since the Kickstarter campaign and it's just really exciting to see how it's being used."

18) shutting Pebble box to reveal "It's Time" on cover



On a sunny day at a picnic table in Silicon Valley, Eric Migicovsky glanced down at his wristwatch.

He wasn't checking the time, he was checking his email.

Glancing up, he grinned. The message was from yet another journalist.

In this corner of a world obsessed with the latest tech gadget, Migicovsky is this week's hotshot as his start-up company rolls out its new, high-tech Pebble smart watches.

The $150, postage stamp-sized computer on a band is tethered wirelessly to a wearers' Android or iPhone.

With hands truly free, wearers can also read texts, see who is calling them, scan Twitter or Facebook feeds and yes, check the time, while

digging in their garden, barbequing a steak or _ as he was doing when he conceived of the idea _ riding a bike when his phone began to ring.