Country music stars Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood made fun of Obamacare during the Country Music Awards Wednesday night, as the crowd laughed and cheered wildly.

“Hey, do you have that Obamacare?” Underwood asked Paisley.

"Obamacare, what's that?" Paisley replies.

“Oh, it's great," Underwood joked. "I started signing up last Thursday and I’m almost done.”

The two stars turned to a laptop computer as Paisley asked Underwood why it was "spinning" and "smoking" while they tried to log into the Obamacare website.

Paisley began strumming his guitar as the pair began a song about the unpopular program, sung to the tune of George Strait's 1983 hit "Amarillo By Morning":

Obamacare by morning.

Why’s this taking so long?

I’m going to wind up with hemorrhoids

If I sit here till dawn.

We'll have cataracts and dementia

Oh, this is gettin' on my last nerve.

Obamacare by morning

Over six people served.

Here is how some of the Country stars in the audience reacted:

Blake Shelton loved it!

George Strait thought it was funny

But Taylor Swift wasn't sure