A cruise missile submarine has been deployed to the Korean peninsula to join the armada of U.S. forces already staked out in the region, according to a U.S. Naval Forces Korea statement issued late Monday.

The Ohio-class guided-missile submarine USS Michigan arrived at the Korean port of Busan on Tuesday local time. The Pentagon said the submarine's visit was part of a "regularly scheduled deployment to the Western Pacific."

However, the trip comes two weeks after President Trump announced the U.S. had sent an "armada" to the region, posturing as North Korea continues to test nuclear weapons and launch missiles, a breach of international law.

"We are sending an armada, very powerful," Trump said in a Fox News interview on April 11. "We have submarines, very powerful, far more powerful than the aircraft carrier. That I can tell you."

The submarine comment puzzled observers as the time, and it turns out Trump may have been referring to the Michigan.

The submarine is among the largest ever built in the U.S. It's among four former ballistic missile submarines converted into cruise missile boats, and can carry up to 154 Tomahawk missiles, as well as other weapons and gear now stowed where it used to carry ballistic missiles.

The Carl Vinson Carrier Strike Group and two Japanese destroyers are slated to reach the area this week.