Texas Sen. Ted Cruz released a new ad on Thursday that takes aim at Florida Sen. Marco Rubio's record for not living up to his promises to govern as a conservative. As the presidential race shifts to South Carolina, the bitter political ad season is fully underway.

The ad, dubbed "Conservatives Anonymous," shows seven people sitting in a circle in a setting reminiscent of self-help groups serving people suffering from addiction or alcoholism. The 30-second spot features people lamenting their support for Rubio.

"I voted for a guy who was a Tea Party hero on the campaign trail then he went to D.C. and played patty cake with Chuck Schumer and cut a deal on amnesty," one participant in the circle says.

"Does that make you angry?" a moderator asks.

"Angry? It makes me feel dumb for trusting him," the participant responds.

A woman sitting in the circle suggests that the participant should "vote for more than just a pretty face next time," when a man bursts into the room.

"You guys have room for one more?" says a man sporting a t-shirt bearing Rubio's campaign logo.

Cruz and Rubio will face off at Saturday night's GOP presidential debate in Greenville, South Carolina. The Palmetto State's Republican primary will take place on February 20.

UPDATE: The Cruz campaign has taken down the ad after discovering one of the actresses in the ad has appeared in softcore porn, according to BuzzFeed.com. The porn actress is reportedly torn between Cruz and Donald Trump regarding whom to support for president.