Texas Sen. Ted Cruz said he believes the 'mainstream media' wants Donald Trump to win the GOP presidential nomination so that Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton can run away with the general election.

Cruz made the comments during a town hall with Fox News in Texas. The senator's remarks came in response to a question from Megyn Kelly about Cruz's tax returns.

"Mitt Romney came out today and said that every candidate should release his tax returns. Will you do so? When? And how many years?" Kelly asked.

"Absolutely," Cruz said. "I'll release the remainder of what we have this week. I've released already, I think, five year's worth. But I'm, look, the nice thing is I haven't made enough money that my tax returns are not that interesting."

Cruz said he recognized that Donald Trump's tax returns would be more 'complicated,' before seizing an opportunity to go on the attack.

"An awful lot of people speculate that he [Trump] hasn't made nearly as much money as he said. Who knows? Because he doesn't release his tax returns," Cruz said. "But I do think Mitt has a good point that the voters are entitled to know before they vote because you better believe the Democrats, if there's anything in there, the Democrats are going to go to town on this.

"The Democrats, I mean look, to be honest an awful lot of the mainstream media is using kid gloves on Donald right now because they want Donald to be the nominee. And the instant he's the nominee they will unleash every cannon they can to elect Hillary Clinton. We can't risk that because if we do we are going to lose the country. We'll be buried in debt. We'll lose the Supreme Court. We can't let that happen."

Cruz's new line of attack was largely made possible by Romney's interview with Fox News on Wednesday, during which the former GOP nominee claimed a "bombshell" may be hiding within Trump's undisclosed tax returns. Romney did not provide great detail about what the "bombshell" might be, but his innuendo appeared similar to a line of attack Democratic Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada used against Romney in 2012.

The GOP candidates will debate on Thursday night and Texas will cast its ballots on March 1.