Texas Sen. Ted Cruz believes his success in polling of early nominating states has Donald Trump "very rattled."

Cruz told WRKO that he thinks Trump's accusation that Cruz is bought and paid for by donors is ridiculous. The senator offered a populist message in response to Trump's venomous attacks.

"It is more than a little rich for Mr. Trump to make that accusation," Cruz said. "You want to assess who stands with Wall Street? Then look at the actual records of the candidates. Every day I have been in the U.S. Senate, I have stood against the cronyism and the Washington cartel. I have stood up to both Democrats and Republicans.

"Listen, Donald Trump vocally and enthusiastically supported TARP, the bailout of the big banks. He vocally and enthusiastically supported Barack Obama's stimulus plan. And indeed he said the stimulus wasn't big enough. It needed to be larger. And Mr. Trump argued that Obamacare should be expanded to make it socialized medicine. Now that is very much a record of standing with Wall Street and the giant banks. My record is exactly the opposite. We should have no bailouts ever. Period. The end."

The Texas senator noted that he believes Trump has grown angrier and angrier, while Cruz said he would not respond in kind.

Cruz ranks first in the Washington Examiner's newest GOP presidential power rankings released after Thursday's GOP presidential debate. Trump fell to second place.