Sen. Ted Cruz said he would reconsider opening all ground combat positions to women if elected the next commander in chief.

Cruz promised to take another look at the administration's decision late last year to open all positions to women. The administration's move ignored a request from the Marine Corps to keep some frontline combat positions male-only after some studies showed women were more likely to be injured and perform worse.

"The Marine Corps request [for exceptions] must be reconsidered," Cruz wrote in response to a Center for Military Readiness survey released Sunday. "As long as the requirements are fair and universally applied, the military must always place the best person for the job at hand, whether male or female, but we cannot let political correctness compel the military to lower its standards."

The Center for Military Readiness, a right-leaning military advocacy group, asked all Republican candidates for responses to six question for its Quadrennial Presidential Candidate Survey. So far, only Cruz and Rick Santorum have responded

Santorum also said he would reconsider opening ground combat positions to women.

"We all respect and appreciate the role of women in the military and recognize their courageous service," Santorum wrote in explanation. "Scientific research and empirical evidence put forth by the U.S. Marine Corps shows that women naturally have physical disparities that cannot be 'mitigated.'"

GOP presidential contender Ben Carson also said earlier this year he would reconsider lifting the ban on both women serving in combat and gays serving openly in the military.

In survey answers, Cruz also said he would not require women to register for the draft and prioritize military readiness over social experimentation in the military.