Donors and supporters of Republican George Allen had a surprising (and confusing) email in their inboxes Wednesday morning from the former U.S. Senate candidate.

Allen's account sent out a blast message with the subject line "My Campaign's First Critical Fundraising Deadline is December 31st" -- strange since Allen's campaign ended last month when he lost to Democrat Tim Kaine.

But the note was actually from Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, who's seeking contributions for his 2013 gubernatorial race. Cuccinelli's campaign rented the email list put together during Allen's two-year Senate run, according to Cuccinelli spokesman Noah Wall, and it was not a mistake to send it out from Allen's account.

The mistake was in the subject line, which Wall admitted was confusing.

"The subject line was somewhat misleading with who the email was coming from, that was an error," he said.

Republicans have voiced concern that the unenthusiastic GOP presidential primary battle in Virginia coupled with the decision to pick a gubernatorial candidate in a convention likely to attract the most ardent supporters has stripped the party of opportunities to identify Republican voters. Tapping into Allen's resources is one way to negate those concerns.

In the email, Cuccinelli warns that he's likely to face Democrat Terry McAuliffe, "the multi-millionaire former head of the Democratic National Committee and friend of Bill Clinton." Cuccinelli asks for a donation to help get his campaign off the ground.

"You see, since I was the first state Attorney General to file suit against Obamacare, my race is garnering national media attention," Cuccinelli said. "And the liberal media is breathlessly waiting to report on whether a principled constitutional conservative can raise enough money to go head to head with Barack Obama's political machine and a multi-millionaire liberal like Terry McAuliffe."