President Obama campaigned in 2012 on a promise to add 1 million new manufacturing jobs by 2016, but Friday's labor report showed just how hard it will be for the president to make good on his pledge in a stagnant economy.

Instead of adding jobs, the economy cut 6,000 manufacturing jobs, undercutting the president's promise made during the Democratic National Convention. Worse: It was the third month in a row of manufacturing job losses. In April and May, 7,000 manufacturing jobs were axed, bringing the three month total to 20,000 jobs lost.

Scott Paul, president of the Alliance for American Manufacturing called the June jobs report a "terrible start" to Obama's manufacturing initiative.

"The economy is producing jobs, but they are, generally-speaking, lousy ones," said Paul. "The president laid out a goal of creating a million new manufacturing jobs in his second term. That effort is off to a terrible start. And it won't improve unless we change course on policy. First, the trade deficit must come down through a combination of aggressive enforcement of trade laws and halting the currency manipulation of countries such as Japan and China. Second, we must invest in infrastructure, innovation, and the manufacturing workforce. America will only win by adopting 'high road' strategies such as these."

Obama has reversed the jobs decline, and nearly 500,000 manufacturing jobs were created during his first term, according to Politifact. But to meet his goal of 1 million, the economy needs to create over 10,000 a month.

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