President Trump reportedly wants to name the impending tax reform bill, "Cuts, Cuts, Cuts."

That's laughable to those of us inside the Beltway accustomed to legislation sold under the banner of acronyms as compelling as they are accurate. That is, the titles of most bills are boring and off-base. But the tradition of stodgily named legislation is a venerable one. It's also fairly sensible.

The "Cuts, Cuts, Cuts Act of 2017" just doesn't carry the gravitas for which most lawmakers strive when setting out to pass legacy-defining bills that are sure to impact millions of Americans.

In short, Trump's suggested branding, first reported by Politico, plays into the stereotype that he's a crass political neophyte with a sophomoric conception of how Washington really works. But if there's one thing Trump understands better than most politicos, it's marketing. And I doubt "Cuts, Cuts, Cuts," will ultimately be less accurate than the "Affordable Care Act."

Here in Washington, just about everyone has spent the better part of three years now mocking the naivete of Trump's attacks on Beltway conventions. But often, we've been wrong and Trump has won.

Some of those norms, of course, are necessarily more sacred than others. The rule of law and diplomatic decorum are weighty things. I'm just not sure legislative titles are really so vital.

If your argument against naming a bill "Cuts! Cuts! Cuts!" is that it's gaudy and simply not how things are done, then maybe you haven't been attention for the past two and a half years.