The big news this week out of WJLA was that Anderson Cooper asked anchor Cynne Simpson to be a guest co-host on his talk show "Anderson" while on air. Simpson accepted the proposal, but what wasn't apparent in the exchange was that she thought Cooper was kidding.

"I thought it was just a casual invite and later he'd tell me to have my people call his people or something," she told Yeas & Nays. "Or ... the other possibility going through my [head was] that my co-anchor, Steve Chenevey, told him to ask me to co-host knowing that I would freak out with excitement -- either way, I figured I was being punk'd so I tried to keep my cool." It wasn't a joke, as Simpson will most likely co-host in November.

She's a huge "Anderson" fan, but there's another show she has her eye on too: "Good Morning America." "If they ever need a fill-in for Robin Roberts -- I'm happy to help," she said.