D.C. Councilman Jack Evans, D-Ward 2, on Tuesday proposed legislation that would allow the town car service Uber to operate in the city without having its fares regulated by the city's taxi commission.

The bill follows an earlier proposal from Councilwoman Mary Cheh, D-Ward 3, that would create a new legal class of sedan services that would cover Uber, which has run afoul of the District's taxi regulations.

Unlike taxis, Uber allows riders to use a smart phone app to hire town cars. The services charges higher rates than taxis, but also doesn't follow rules for limousine services either.

D.C. cab drivers have complained that Uber has an unfair advantage in the local market.

Evans' bill mimics Cheh's by exempting Uber and companies like it from fare regulation.

The taxi commission's recent proposal to regulate sedan fares -- notably prohibiting Uber's price hikes during times of high demand -- didn't sit well with the company. Evans' bill would exempt Uber from fare regulation.