A D.C. Council committee will hear testimony in July about whether the District should adopt a public financing system for its local campaigns.

Ward 5 Councilman Kenyan McDuffie, the chairman of the D.C. Council Committee on Government Operations, said on Monday that his panel will stage a July 11 hearing to solicit feedback about potential models for the city to follow.

"Public financing is a very important issue and an option that needs to be on the table when we are considering any campaign finance reform," McDuffie said in a statement. "A well-crafted public finance system can democratize elections, amplifying the voice of individual donors, and allow ordinary citizens an opportunity to fairly participate in the electoral process."

McDuffie and at-large Councilman David Grosso introduced legislation earlier this year that would offer public financing for municipal campaigns.

Lawmakers considered several campaign finance reform measures last year, including one that would have created a task force to study public financing, but most of them stalled in committee and died when the council adjourned in December.