D.C. Councilman Kenyan McDuffie has changed his mind and will not propose an emergency amendment that could have given the District's ethics board the ability to hand out admonitions to city workers that are kept private.

During a regular Council breakfast meeting before Tuesday's Council session, McDuffie said that he would not propose the legislation at the Council session after a public outcry to reports of his plans. In particular, he cited concerns about the nonpublic admonition.

"We felt it might be best to postpone," McDuffie said.

Emergency legislation does not require a public hearing and only stays in effect for 90 days.

On Monday, McDuffie told The Washington Examiner that he planned to introduce the emergency legislation on Tuesday and believed the ethics amendment's nonpublic admonition would not have applied to District Council members. But the

legislation he drew up did not explicitly prohibit the ethics board from doing so.

Later Tuesday, he proposed the ethics legislation through the regular process, meaning public hearings where opposition to the measure can speak out.