The D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics isn't looking for a federal investigation of council Chairman Kwame Brown's 2008 campaign, and it's certainly not looking for the review that the U.S. Attorney's office says is currently underway. 

No, the elections board wants "prosecution."

As in: "In view of the board findings, the board concludes that this matter is appropriate for referral to the United States Attorney for the District of Columbia for prosecution," the board wrote in its official opinion published on Friday. 

That's a tough turn of phrase. A referral for an investigation or review is open ended. A referral for prosecution is a demand for results. 

On Thursday, board Chairman Togo West was almost as tough on Brown's campaign.

 "We think there's criminal activity here and it needs to be looked into," he said after announcing the board's decision to refer the case to the U.S. Attorney's office. An audit by the office of campaign finance found that Brown's 2008 council re-election campaign failed to report hundreds of thousands in contributions and expenditures.