A new study found D.C. had the sixth-best consumer budgeters in the nation, supported by a low bankruptcy and foreclosure rate and a manageable debt to income rates.

The study, conducted by Card Hub, determined that Boston, followed by New York, San Diego, San Francisco, and Minneapolis, had the best budgeting. Tampa and Orlando ranked at the bottom of the list of cities.

The study ranks consumers' budget management, but some of the factors considered in the ranking touch on a city's overall financial health.

Many factors that impact the city's standing in the ranking are subject to change. Some economists have contended that the District has artificially deflated its foreclosure rate, which could begin to climb as cases make their way through the courts.

For its part, the District's efforts to save more money were rewarded this week when a credit ratings agency, Standard & Poor's, boosted the District's bond rating from A+ to AA-.

"I am extremely pleased to see the S&P upgrade" Councilman Jack Evans said in a statement. "This is a true testament to all the hard work of our city officials in making the responsible decision to replenish our fund balance. This is simply great news for Washington, and I look forward to future upgrades."

Mayor Vincent Gray, as he weighs running for re-election, has been celebrating the city's well-funded savings account and projected budget surpluses.