Federal agents in Washington have charged a District man with running an illegal gambling operation in Chinatown.

Chun Liu, 55, has been charged with money laundering and conducting an illegal gambling business. Liu was charged Wednesday by information, an indication that a plea deal is in the works.

Prosecutors are attempting to seize more than $230,000 in proceeds from the illegal gambling shop, housed at 817 Sixth Street, above a tiny delicatessen that specializes in authentic Chinese noodles and rice noodle rolls.

According to the court documents, the place is guarded by lookouts who walk back and forth outside during business hours to conduct counter-survelliance.

On the second floor, past the carry-out noodle restaurant, Liu ran a well-established gambling business and sold black market cigarettes, documents said. The room had three touch-screen gaming machines and six tables for mah-jongg, a game of chance that originated in China and is played with a set of domino-like tiles, documents say.