Holly "Holly Hood" Veney and Tiffany "Muhla Green" Harris, sisters and Montgomery County natives, hope to be the next Wayans Brothers with their new D.C.-based sketch comedy "The Show," premiering Saturday on WDCW Channel 50.

The sisters created, produced and star in the urban sketch comedy, which they say is -- shockingly -- the first all-black, female sketch comedy show. They filmed close to home and in D.C., and some of their improv "plays off the stereotypes of Montgomery County and D.C.," Veney told Yeas & Nays. In "County Girls," a set of recurring characters who hail from "privileged" Montgomery County experience the District as bad customer service, long food lines and "gum on the floor," Veney said.

They hope to film on the Metro in future episodes -- something that requires special permits but ought to provide plenty of improv fodder. But they plan to stay away from politics. "We're trying to just keep it fun; being as though we are in D.C., we deal with that enough," Veney told Yeas & Nays.