Former CBS newscaster Dan Rather admitted he was shocked by the news of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos purchasing the Washington Post.

“Make no mistake, when I heard this news this afternoon, my reaction was ‘holy online news Batman,’” Rather said on the “Rachel Maddow Show” on MSNBC Tuesday night.

Rather explained that the success of the venture depended on Bezos’ attitude.

“Great journalism begins with owners and publishers who have guts, who don’t back up, don’t back down when the pressure’s on, don’t succumb to what I previously call the corporatization, politicalization and trivialization of the news,” Rather explained.

Rather added that he was pleased to note that the tech mogul had experience, but more importantly patience in building a brand online.

“He may, with the Washington Post lay out something that will save print journalism as we know it,” Rather concluded.

Maddow noted that her network, MSNBC, was owned by Comcast and that Rather’s new network AXS TV was owned by Ryan Seacrest and AEG.

“Should we be like NASCAR drivers or British soccer teams where we have to wear the corporate ownership for the companies we work for?” Maddow asked jokingly.

“Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that,” Rather replied.