Democratic Rep. Kathleen Rice should resign after the New York lawmaker said the National Rifle Association and its spokeswoman were "becoming domestic security threats," NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch said Friday.

"I am not a domestic threat. For crying out loud, I'm a mom," Loesch told Fox News. "I go to Walmart, and I take my kids to Chick-fil-A."

The NRA spokeswoman accused Rice of taking a stronger stance against the gun rights organization than violent gangs.

"This is a congresswoman who, in her area, MS-13 is killing black and Hispanic men. And yet, she has harsher words for me and for NRA members than she does for MS-13. That says something," she said.

Loesch later called for Rice's resignation.

Rice tweeted Thursday "we can't ignore" that the NRA and Loesch "are quickly becoming domestic security threats under President Trump."

"What is she going to do, arrest us?" Loesch fired back.

A spokesman for Rice told the Washington Post the NRA is encouraging violence against activists and the media.

"We're not afraid to call this behavior from NRA's leadership exactly what it is," Coleman Lamb said in a statement.