Vice President Joe Biden is being encouraged to challenge former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton by the influential Dartmouth Review which declared on Thursday that “Biden can win the Democratic nomination in 2016.”

“The chance lies before him, and seems closer than it has in the last 20 years,” said the Review. “To try and fail is forgivable, to not want the job is enviable, but the one thing that Biden cannot do is back down out of fear.”

Biden is dozens of points behind Democratic frontrunner Clinton in every poll, and is even behind “undecided” in many.

But that shouldn’t stop Biden from getting in, if for no other reason that there are some notable Clintonians who think that Hillary Clinton won’t run.

“The worst thing that the vice president can do before 2016 is stutter,” wrote Joseph F. Clyne, Jr. He added, “The dream scenario for Biden of Clinton not running does not seem overly likely at this point, however, and he must prepare for the most difficult primary campaign.”

The article provides a “how-to” for Biden to follow, including moving fast to announce, getting President Obama to say somewhere that Biden and Clinton are the only real candidates with a chance, and begin plucking off staff from Clinton.

And the Review calls on the vice president to get closer to Obama than Clinton.

Suggesting he is vastly more experienced than Clinton, the Review said: "With the right steps, Biden’s presidential campaign is far from dead in the water. In fact, if Biden runs a good primary campaign, he could be an even more formidable general election contender than Hillary."

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