Former Obama adviser David Axelrod thinks Senate Democrats threw former Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., under the bus to better their party’s chances of winning against Republican candidate Roy Moore in Alabama’s special election last month.

Axelrod, in a tweet Wednesday, said Franken deserved a Senate Ethics Committee hearing on the allegations of sexual misconduct against him, even if it still led to Franken’s resignation.

“As two new senators are sworn in today, I can’t help thinking that Al Franken was sacrificed by Senate Dems to enhance their chances against Moore in Alabama,” Axelrod wrote. “Perhaps an ethics review would have led to the same result, but Franken never got a hearing.”

Franken officially resigned Tuesday, cutting short his tenure in the Senate after several of his colleagues urged him to resign late last year.

Minnesota Lt. Gov. Tina Smith will be sworn in Wednesday to fill his seat until a special election in November.

Democrat Doug Jones of Alabama will also be sworn in after he defeated Roy Moore, who was also accused of sexual misconduct, in last month’s special election.