Former White House adviser David Axelrod took a veiled shot at Hillary Clinton on Tuesday morning, tweeting out what appears to be a passive aggressive response to the former secretary of state's criticism of the White House's handling of the situation in Iraq.

But in doing so, Axelrod also inadvertently attacked the current secretary, John Kerry.

“Just to clarify: 'Don't do stupid stuff' means stuff like occupying Iraq in the first place, which was a tragically bad decision,” Axelrod wrote, referring to a phrase President Obama reportedly uses to describe his administration’s approach to foreign policy.

In his apparent response to her criticism, it looks like Axelrod attempted to highlight the fact that then-Sen. Clinton voted to go to war in Iraq.

But so did the administration’s current chief diplomat. In fact, then-Sen. John Kerry was really into the idea of invading Iraq back in the day:

Anyway, Axelrod's veiled criticism and the hubbub surrounding Clinton's comments have apparently forced her team to rethink its position. Clinton's team has since called the White House to clarify (apologize?) for her recent Iraq remarks:

“Secretary Clinton was proud to serve with President Obama, she was proud to be his partner in the project of restoring American leadership and advancing America’s interests and values in a fast-changing world,” a spokesman said in a statement obtained by Politico.

“She continues to share his deep commitment to a smart and principled foreign policy that uses all the tools at our disposal to achieve our goals. Earlier today, the secretary called President Obama to make sure he knows that nothing she said was an attempt to attack him, his policies, or his leadership.”

The statement added: “Secretary Clinton has at every step of the way touted the significant achievements of his presidency, which she is honored to have been part of as his secretary of state. While they’ve had honest differences on some issues, including aspects of the wicked challenge Syria presents, she has explained those differences in her book and at many points since then. Some are now choosing to hype those differences but they do not eclipse their broad agreement on most issues. Like any two friends who have to deal with the public eye, she looks forward to hugging it out when she they see each other tomorrow night.”