Former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan David Duke clarified about his support for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in a radio interview late Monday. Just hours before polling stations open in a dozen Super Tuesday states, Duke addressed his comments about Trump, saying, "I didn't even endorse Trump."

Duke, who had previously encouraged Americans to vote for the self-funded billionaire in upcoming primaries, explained that his statement about voting for Trump was meant to educate others about voting strategically in an election.

"When you say you endorse someone you're basically endorsing the person and basically people get the impression you're endorsing everything about them. I think that voting sometimes is not a question of endorsing someone, but sometimes you vote strategically," Duke said on the Alan Colmes radio show.

The former Louisiana congressman said he personally reached out to his friends and supporters with his message and did not go through the media to share it because the "very biased media" would try "to make an issue" out of it.

Duke also defended Trump's comments that he did not know and has never met the former KKK leader.

"When somebody says he doesn't know him, I've never — he's not saying he doesn't know who I am, and again you're in a conversation where you're being attacked by the thing — to say he didn't know me doesn't mean he didn't know who I was. Also, I don't know if he ever studied me, my writings or what I've actually said," Duke said.

Duke also argued that he is, in fact, not was a white supremacist. He told Colmes he is not a racist, but has "concern[s] about the well-being of European-Americans in this country."