A former D.C. corrections officer admitted to taking bribes to smuggle computer equipment and cash into a District of Columbia correctional facility.

Daishawn Goodson, 26, of Temple Hills, pleaded in federal court to a graft, bribery of a public official, a crime that carries a penalty of up to 15 years in prison. She agreed to a $1,000 forfeiture. She was released Friday on her own recognizance, and is scheduled to be sentenced March 22, 2013.

According to charging documents, Goodson had been employed for four years as a corrections officer at the District's Correctional Treatment Facility at 1901 E St. SE. She was employed by the private company, the Corrections Corporation of America, which manages the facility next to the D.C. Jail.

In January, an inmate who was cooperating with the government approached Goodson to discuss the possibility of smuggling contraband to another inmate inside the jail. Goodson then made a telephone call to a person she believed was an associate of an inmate but who was really an undercover FBI agent.

During the call, she agreed to smuggle in a computer thumb drive, a small portable storage device that plugs into a computer.

Goodson agreed to meet with the undercover agent near Eastern Market. On Jan. 10, she met the undercover agent, who then slipped her the thumb drive and $500 in cash. Four hundred dollars were for her to keep, and $100 and the thumb drive were for the inmate.

A week later, the inmate contacted Goodson, and told her to call the undercover agent again. Goodson and the undercover agent spoke by phone and agreed to meet the next day to carry out another exchange.

The two met near the Eastern Market again, and Goodson told the undercover agent that the first attempt to smuggle the contraband went well.

The undercover agent then handed her another $500 and a thumb drive, authorities said. Goodson left the meeting and was subsequently arrested.