D.C. Council Chairman Kwame Brown put the spotlight on developers while pointing it away from council antics Wednesday morning in an appearance on NewsTalk8 where he chatted about a number of topics facing the city.

When asked about the city's affordable housing shortage, Brown noted that the city makes deals with developers in which they get discounted land in exchange for building a certain amount of affordable housing.

"Let's be clear: The District of Columbia is giving away property to developers that are promising affordable housing," Brown said, later adding, "they need to keep their promise."

But when asked about last week's council breakfast, which contained yet another public, testy exchange between some members, Brown turned down the heat. 

"I think you’re blowing it out of proportion," he told show host Bruce DePuyt.  "I think there may have been two or three comments during a heated exchange. ... They should have been here during the baseball stadium [debate] to see how members were conducting themselves."

Brown was also asked by a caller about the sentencing of his former colleague Harry Thomas Jr. and the federal investigation into Brown's own re-election campaign in 2008.

Brown said "we’re looking forward to moving on," from the sentencing and working with whoever will be Thomas' replacement following Tuesday's special election for his seat. And as for himself?

"I look forward to this being over. And I look forward to moving forward also."