The Secret Service apparently won't make the City Council wake up at the crack of dawn on Inauguration Day after all.

During the City Council's regular pre-session breakfast Tuesday, Councilman Jack Evans griped that the Secret Service was being unfair by requiring that anyone park planning to park their vehicle at the Wilson Building for the City Council inaugural watch parties arrive by 6 a.m. as authorities will be guarding the parade route along Pennsylvania Avenue.

Evans wanted that changed and made his feelings known to city public safety officials at the breakfast.

"I'm not asking you to ask them," Evans said. "I'm asking you to tell them."

Some reporters chided Evans for the theatrics.

But he might just be having the last laugh. Evans says the Secret Service has pushed the time back to 9 a.m.

"It was worth asking the question because they changed it," Evans said Friday.

He explained that the change wouldn't just let council members and their families get a little more sleep on Jan. 21, but also constituents who attend the watch parties at city hall as well.