A lieutenant in the D.C. Fire and EMS Department has been placed on administrative leave after she was charged with breaking into a Prince George's County barn and stealing bales of hay.

Lt. Kellene Morgan Davis, 49, was charged last month with second degree burglary, theft and destruction of property. She faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted of the burglary, 18 months for the theft and 60 days for the destruction of property.

Davis, who works on Truck 15 on Rhode Island Avenue in Brentwood, was sent home while the department investigates and the case makes its way through the courts, said Lon Walls, a spokesman for the D.C. fire department.

"This is not related to her performance on the job," Walls said.

A firefighter charged with a serious crime is typically placed on paid leave for five days and then put on forced leave, union officials said.

Davis could not be reached for comment about the theft, first reported by NBC4.

Her trial has been scheduled for June 12.

Ed Smith, president of the D.C. Fire Fighters Association, said the union is reserving judgment in the criminal matter and will represent Davis in the internal proceedings.

According to charging documents, someone broke into a barn in the 2600 block of Ritchie Marlboro Road in Upper Marlboro in January.

The suspect used a truck and chain to yank the doors off their hinges, police said. The suspect made off with about 20 bales of hay, valued about $6 each.

After months of investigating, detectives developed Davis as a possible suspect. The veteran firefighter previously had kept a horse on the property, but was evicted in 2010, police said.

A witness was shown a photo array and identified Davis as the person who damaged the barn doors and ripped off several bales of hay, the charging document said.

Davis admitted to being at the property and taking five bales of hay, the charging documents said.