The District said Monday that it collected $21.2 million in February in fines generated by its network of red-light and speed cameras.

The city's chief financial officer released statistics showing that the city's take had increased by $3.9 million -- 23 percent -- from the same period a year ago.

February's revenues mean the city has collected $49.53 million so far in the 2013 fiscal year, which began in October, from the cameras. At the same point in the 2012 fiscal cycle, a record-setting year, the District had taken in $29.6 million.

Critics of the camera system, which is poised to expand throughout the year, contend that the District is abusing the technology to increase its income.

But Mayor Vincent Gray, who has said he envisions filling the city's streets with cameras, say the cameras are about public safety and helped lead to a decline in fatal accidents last year.