Rising costs associated with President Obama’s Affordable Care Act has a D.C. restaurant mulling the possibility of making their meals less affordable, less filling, or even cutting costs at the expense of staff.

“For one to two years [Obamacare has] been the No. 1 issue on our radar,” Clyde’s Chief Financial Officer Jeff Owens told NPR. “We’re not trying to run away from it, but it’s a frightening proposition.”

Obamacare is forcing the restaurant chain to “rethink its business plan,” according to NPR. “Someone might say let’s use paper napkins instead of cloth napkins,” Owens told the outlet. “Someone might say, let’s reduce the portion size for the wild salmon: instead of a seven-ounce portion we’re going to portion a six-ounce portion and we’ll save some money there. The staffing — certainly, that’s part of the brainstorming. Is there an opportunity to replace two shifts in the kitchen with one swing shift and save a few hours of payroll?”

It’s an interesting piece from the weekend. You can listen to the whole thing here.