Forget the election; the District is already planning for the inauguration.

City officials told Mayor Vincent Gray and D.C. lawmakers on Tuesday that the District will begin the construction of three reviewing stands for inaugural festivities in November.

Under an agreement with the federal government, the District erects Pennsylvania Avenue reviewing stands for the presidential party, journalists and top city officials.

Cynthia Brock-Smith, the District's secretary, said construction will begin on Nov. 10 and will conclude by Jan. 12. The reviewing stands should be disassembled and removed by Feb. 22.

Inaugurations have long been expensive events for the city to stage. Although the District receives some reimbursements from the federal government, city records show D.C. spent about $49 million for the 2009 swearing-in and events surrounding it.

Federal officials have already pledged $10 million in reimbursements for the 2013 inauguration, though city leaders said they expect to lobby for additional funding.

The winner of the Nov. 6 presidential election will be sworn in on Jan. 20. The public festivities, however, will take place on Jan. 21 because the traditional date for Inauguration Day falls on a Sunday in 2013.