D.C. leaders are designating a new area name to the city's geography, just in case keeping track of the 100-plus neighborhood names was too easy.

Keeping in the trend of ripping off the uber-trendy name of New York City's SoHo neighborhood, leaders on Saturday are designating 18th Street between California Street and Florida Avenue as "SoMo," or south Adams Morgan. SoMo will join other wanna-be-SoHo monikers NoMa, the neighborhood designation for the area North of Massachusetts Avenue, FoBo, the nickname for Foggy Bottom, and probably others that we're not hip enough to know about yet.

But why stop at these names? Why not spread the love all over the city, allowing real estate agents to whisper to clients that this corner of such-and-such street is going to be the next hottest intersection in the city and they'd better buy fast?

Some thoughts:

SoBa: South of Barry Farm in Southeast D.C., this would be the new trendy name for the St. Elizabeths Hospital redevelopment, located between the Barry Farm and Congress Heights neighborhoods. Queue up the hipsters.

NoFlo: This stands for "North of the Flooding," the section in D.C. where a development is planned for the McMillan Sand Filtration site just north of Bloomingdale and LeDroit Park. The two neighborhoods have been plagued with sewer backups this year and "NoFlo" also serves as a fun play on words to remind prospective home buyers, "Hey! No flooding here!"

NoWa: This stands for "No Walmart," the intersection of Georgia and Missouri avenues, where a Walmart is in the works but some nearby residents are trying to fight it. Also, if you elongate the "a" when you say it, it sounds like you're saying "nowhere" with a Boston accent. Fun times!