After literally campaigning alongside a pimp, Nevada Senate challenger Danny Tarkanian gave an interview on Wednesday to Jack Belgarde, a conspiracy theorist who believes the Las Vegas attack was “an inside job” carried out by an Antifa shooter with connections to Syrian terrorists.

That’s not just a gaffe for the insurgent trying to unseat Republican Senator Dean Heller. A video promising “the truth about the Las Vegas shooting” is the most popular thing that Belgrade has ever produced. And that’s not just embarrassing. Nevada voters won’t make a conspiracy monger their next senator.

Like Alex Jones but with a smaller audience and even less credibility, Belgarde doesn't merely dabble in conspiracy theories. It's how he has built a following. Broadcasting over Youtube from what looks like his mother’s basement, he admits that he originally thought the CIA framed Stephen Paddock for killing 58 people and wounding 546 more.

“I was thinking, maybe this guy is completely innocent, and the CIA or whatever grabbed him, threw him in a room, killed him, shot a bunch of people, framed him just so they can take away our guns,” Belgarde said in an episode taped a month before the Tarkanian experience.

Apparently after some more investigation though, Belgarde changed his mind. Paddock, he now believes, is an Antifa hitman hired by “liberal elites in Wall Street, Hollywood, and DC” as part of an effort to confiscate guns.

“According to the FBI reports and, he had Antifa propaganda, literature and pictures in his penthouse,” Belgarde breathlessly proclaims.

“Also, not only does he have pictures of Antifa, but pictures of Antifa with them in the Middle East,” he continues. “Yes, now we are able to confirm that Antifa is illegally crossing the southern border of Syria and Germany, and other countries, to receive military professional training from Syrian officials.”

A month after that video published, Tarkanian thought it was a good idea to come on for an interview. And that’d be kind of funny if it wasn’t so absolutely pathetic. This is just one of the many reasons Tarkanian still wonders why he loses election after election after election.